Why are you guys named that?

The team name is a pun on an Indian rice staple: basmati rice.

How can I join the team?

Tryouts happen once a year, at the end of September, right after Activities Fair. In 2019, tryouts are September 28th and 29th (you only have to come to one date). For more information, go to the "Events" tab or hit up the BR Facebook! 

Do I need Raas experience to join the team?

Not at all. We teach you everything you need to know when you come to auditions. 

How often do you practice?

Three times a week.

What does competition season look like?

We practice throughout fall and winter, and our first performance is during the beginning of winter quarter. We travel and compete throughout winter quarter, and regular practices end with our last comp. 

Where does Raas come from?

Garbaa raas is a folk dance originating from Gujarat, a state in India.

So do I need to be Gujju to join the team?

Absolutely not. 

How do you twirl the dandiya like that?

It's a secret. Join the team and we'll tell you. 

What's with the props?

Every year we have a theme in order to tell a story with our dance routine. In the 2019- 2020 year, the theme is Aladdin.

Why should I join the team?

If the prospect of traveling across the country, being part of a family, and becoming a fantastic dancer doesn't convince you, this video will.

How does it feel to be the most hype dance team on campus?

Pretty great.

Who's your boss?


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Email: basmatiraasstanford@gmail.com

Instagram: @stanfordbasmatiraas

Facebook: @basmatiraas

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